Saronic Islands, named after the Saronic Golf in which they are located make up one of the best sailing routes in the Aegean Sea. Easily accessible from Athens, the Saronics will intermediately acquaint you with Greek Island life. With postcard perfect crystal waters, relaxing atmosphere, vibrant history and hospitable inhabitants, the Saronics will definitely earn a place in your heart.


Alive with culture, this vibrant historic old town is the only settlement on the island. And what a beautiful island it is. Thickly scented pine trees, give colour to the lazy rolling hills dipping in the sea, and provide shelter to the cricket ensemble that gives the classical soundtrack to this scenery.


Poros is a magical place, that seems to be frozen in time. Henry Miller described it as the island that "revolves in cubistic planes, one of walls and windows, one of rocks and goats, one of stiff blown trees and shrubs and so on. " So savour a cocktail on one of its pine surrounded, gold sandy beaches, enjoy some fresh sea food at Taverna Agrapidos, catch a sunset by the Old Clock for the small price of climbing 183 steps or just chill on the boat. Relax. Enjoy!


Hibernating during low season, this island comes alive in mid-summer, filling its beaches with loungers and tourists sizzling in the sun like lizards, looking for the perfect tan. Within swimming distance from the island of Aegina and less than two hours sailing from Piraeus, Angistri is covered by lush, verdurous pine woods and adorned with sandy beaches and crystal blue coves.


Aegina is rich with history and ripe with prestigious ancient sites. A good island to rent a scooter and go for an exploration. Ride out to Aegina Town, Marathon or the village of Skala, with its crammed boutique hotels, taverns and coffee shops. Aegina cuisine honourably represents Greek tradition. Just pick a tavern with a nice view by the sea, sit at a table and let your body sink the wooden chair, close your eyes and randomly put your finger on the menu. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong! Don't forget to ask for a shot of ouzo to wake up your taste buds in anticipation of great palate delight.


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Greek dinners
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Flights to Athens

Athens International Airport has very convenient flights to and from most European capitals. If you are travelling from outside of Europe focus on finding good flights to London, Paris, Rome or Munich and then connect to Athens.

Athens Airport to Alimos Marina 


  1. Taxis - the quickest and easiest way to reach Alimos marina. Just outside the airport’s main hall, there are plenty of taxis waiting.  45-minute drive,  costs € 40–45 (luggage included)

  2. X96 bus - Runs every 20-30 minutes. Travel time is about 90 minutes (depending on the traffic) and the ticket costs  €5 

  3. A pre-arranged transfer at a small extra cost can also be arranged by us