Set in the crystal blue waters in the Caribbean, The Bahamas might be the closest thing to paradise on earth. Soak all the sun you need and boost your calcium levels to the max while sipping an ice cold Painkiller cocktail from a coconut under the very tree it fell from. If you see yourself in this movie, imagine sailing in the warm waters surrounding the islands, dropping anchor in exotic bays and exporting secluded beaches.


Elbow Cay

This tiny 6 mile island is glittered with pastel architecture cottages, hot pink colours and a 120-foot-tall candy-striped lighthouse are the high points of Hope Town. Getting around the island is easy, the main means of transportation being walking and bicycling. 

Green Turtle Cay

This small paradise island gets its name from the many green turtles that inhabit it. New Plymouth, the island's main settlement still maintains its original New England fishing village architecture, painted in Bahamian color.

Best for scuba diving, snorkeling and wild-dolphin encounters.

No Name Cay

Just a couple of minutes sail South-East off of Turtle Cay, this tiny spot of sand is also known as Piggy Ville because of its curly tailed inhabitants, These wildly adorable aqua pigs will swim out to greet you in expectation of a delicious treat. This is one of our favourite spots in the Bahamas and its ideal for a relaxing picnic and snorkel escapade. 

Delia's Cay

Ideal place for catching a sunset, this cay is home to the famous Grabbers restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious Caribbean cocktail, while relaxing on tropical steel drum music

Manjack Cay

Privately owned and undeveloped. The unspoiled beach is perfect for swimming, shelling and picnicking with your family and friends. It is also home to stingrays that you can feed.


Swimming with pigs
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How to get there

Flights to Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour Airport (MHH) has very convenient flights to and from most US cities. If you are travelling from outside of US focus on finding good flights to Miami, New York, Nassau, then connect to Marsh Harbour.

Marsh Harbour to Marina 


  1. Taxis - the quickest and easiest way to reach the marina. Just outside the airport’s main hall, there are plenty of taxis waiting.  10-minute drive,  costs $ 15 per person (luggage included)

  2. A pre-arranged transfer at a small extra cost can also be arranged by us.